What to do after your event

Months and months (hey, or longer) go into executing a good race, and it’s finally race morning, your event is over with a blink of the eye. It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget that it ain’t over until it’s O-V-E-R.

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Check out with the venue, police and the town – make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s before skipping out of dodge. Whoever so graciously allowed you to host your race on their property deserves at least a goodbye! Don’t you want an invite back? And this goes for the town and the local law enforcement you used too. Believe me, if the town doesn’t want you to host a race because you snubbed ’em, you will be out of luck.

Update your website and your registration pages –  if people had a great experience, they’re definitely going to be going online to a) look for the results and photos b) sign up for next year or 3) review your race. Make sure your website information is correct. Have your following year dates up and running so people can pencil you into their calendar. Make it clear where folks can go to check out their finish times or look at photos.

Facebook and other social media posts with all of your results and photos – on that note, make sure you send out a huge thank you to runners, volunteers, law enforcement, etc. on raceday. You should also again post a link to results and photos – we’re a vain world.

Pick up the garbage! Or have someone do it for you – see bullet one. If you leave trash all over the place, you will be known as the smelly kid, and the smelly kid never gets invited to the party a second time. But seriously, pick up water bottles, cups, banana peels, whatever. It was your idea to host this race, now make your mom proud and clean up after yourself!

Get feedback from your staff, volunteers, and dare I say it, runners – yep. Sometimes the truth hurts (*winces*), but it’s necessary. Volunteers are your eyes and ears; they’re dealing face to face with happy (and not-so-happy) runners. Also, they have a good idea how dis/organized things were and can probably help. If you send out surveys, be ready for the heat! Even a perfectly executed event will see some trash talking. It’s just a part of the game.

Take inventory – food, water, Gatorade, Gu, swag, you name it. Whatever you didn’t use, make note. Look at the trends and determine what you maybe overdid it on, or what you needed more of.

Finalize your budget – how much did you spend, and where can you cut. Revisiting your subject is like tracking your calories… EYE OPENING and terrifying, but extremely helpful. If you can keep organized notes on everything, you will make your life easier for the future.

Now that we’re almost into July, many of you are finished with your spring events, and dormant for the next few months, but if your race is coming up, read this to see what to do when you think you’re done!