Are you pricing your event right?

Let’s be honest here. Maybe you are planning your 25th annual race, or maybe you’re a first time 5K director. You’ve probably got tons of questions, but time and time again here at the office, we often get confronted with the same one.

How much should my race cost?”

As a race director, of course you want your runners to be happy. There are a million factors that go into why you are hosting a race but at the end of the day, as the saying goes, money talks. There are certainly a few things that come into pricing your race…


The average (mean for you math folks) prices across our registration platform are $26.30, $32.25 and $55.10 for a 5K, 10K and Half Marathon, respectively. Use these numbers, plus some of the aforementioned questions to gauge your cost. Feel confident that your race is worth a few extra bucks… We know how much time you put into it, after all! Sure, you may miss out on a few penny-pinching runners, but the good news is that most endurance athletes have come to expect to pay a premium for a race, and are typically not sensitive to the number they see at the very bottom of their registration page. The truth is, once you’ve enticed them to run your race, the dollar sign doesn’t matter too much – they’re committed. In addition to all of the things you are bringing to the table a runner knows they are putting their money into an experience: a scenic course, a hard obstacle, a priceless first-race-ever photo or a free pint at the finish line, and they are willing to shell out for it!