Combine Timing and Online Registration for Savings!

We spent last week(end) in Los Angeles, at the Running USA Conference. It was a great experience. We put a lot of faces to names, met some bigwigs in the industry, and learned a lot. All the big race folks (especially in online registration) were there: Active, Eventbrite, Run Sign Up, etc., and we realized two things.

Number one – our industry is competitive. There are so many vendors! And a lot of us offer almost exactly what the others do. How can a race director choose?

Number two – We are different. We really can save event directors major money off their timing bills. And you cannot imagine how many race directors didn’t believe us when we told them how much. So, today, we are putting it in writing (again). By combining RaceWire services of timing and online registration (and tons more), you will not only save a tremendous amount of money, but also time, effort and peace of mind.

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We’re not the only ones thinking this way. As our friends from RaceHQ said in a webinar we attended a few months ago, if you can keep multiple services under one vendor’s roof, you should do it. So take it from them!

We are a timing company, yes, but we are also own our own online registration platform. We don’t partner with anyone else. We aren’t RaceWire “powered by [insert other big name company here].” We built our systems from the ground up, and we continue to make improvements as our race directors ask for new features. Beyond the huge rebates from online registration, all our races receive full color custom race bibs and free race photos, things runners adore! While we don’t do free t-shirts, ha, see if we can beat your quotes there too! We believe in our services, and we love them. Our model works so well, in fact, that you are paid to use it.

Let’s do a little side-by-side comparison 2,000-person race that needs timing and online registration.

$1,500 x [$1.50 x 2,000] = $4,500 = $2.25 per person

Now, let’s say you work with RaceWire, and you used our online registration platform…

$1,500 x [$1.50 x 2,000] = $4,500

$4,500 – [$1.00 x 2,000] = $2,500 = $1.25 per person

Now, let’s do that experiment again, this time with the Boston Marathon (why not)?

$1,500 x [$1.50 x 30,000] = $46,500 = $1.55 per person

And if they work with RaceWire (yeah, we’re talking to you, Dave!)…

$1,500 x [$1.50 x 30,000] = $46,500

$46,500 – [$1.00 x 30,000] = $16,500 = $0.55 per person

Don’t believe us? Ask Carol Chaoui from the Wellesley Turkey Trot. She started working with us in 2014, and her race floats just above 2,000 runners. We aren’t releasing the exact dollar amount she spent before (we don’t kiss and tell), but in her words,

“We saved a fortune on race costs and are able to donate close to $70,000 to charity… and the level of customer service is priceless!!!” – Carol Chaoui, Wellesley Turkey Trot

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We get where you’re coming from. We are race directors, too. So we know what you want, and we know what is important. Saving money is great. Our #1 goal is to allow our race directors to give back to the charity or organization their event supports. But honestly, it goes way beyond that. Keep your life simple by combining services, and working with our great team. Reach out today for more information!