Customizing your registration page DOES affect performance

I think we’ve probably told you before, that your race is a brand, and with that comes a brand identity. With using RaceWire for your race management, you have multiple places to stamp your brand: bib numbers, tee shirts, and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, your registration page.

We work with, say, one thousand events per year for online registration. Of that number, 54% of races customized their reg pages, and 46% didn’t. So, it’s pretty darn close. The interesting note, though? 68% of total runner registrants sign up on one of the custom pages. That is a really strong majority! Coincidence? We think not.

You have multiple opportunities to customize your registration page, and you should, because first impressions matter. The things you may update: cover photo (a la Facebook, it is the background image at the top of your page), your event logo (defaults to RaceWire if you don’t add yours), and then multiple highlight/accent colors.


BORRRRRRRRRRRING!!! Now, look at the difference is when you take the time to customize your images and color scheme!



It’s super easy to edit your event too. Login, click to open your event, and click customize event form… voila! Happy customizing!!!