How to create better email marketing for your race

Does anyone remember when email first became a thing, and each time you received one it was a special exciting occasion? Well, those days are long gone, and here to stay are inboxes full of spam getting you to purchase this, or try that, or sign up for this. And believe me, we’re sending them to. But in a world full of junk mail, how do you stand out?

Email marketing.fw

Create an eye-catching subject line. You want people to want to read your email. When you’re deciding what to use, think about how appealing it would be if you received it in your inbox. What might cause you to open it? On that same note, though, many email subjects do too much, and then look like spam. A few words to avoid in your subject line are free, help, donate, “% off.” Oh, and please don’t write emails in ALL CAPS. EVER. PLEASE.

Personalize if you can. With RaceWire’s email marketing, you can insert a person’s first name into emails or email subject lines. That’s a good way to grab attention.

Build and send to a targeted list. One of the worst outcomes from email marketing is sending too broad of an email too many times. If people do not believe that it is relevant to them, guess what? Unsubscribes. Worse, they could report your email as spam. Narrow down your list to create specific niches. This could be by gender, city, whatever. But, the more specific your email is to a particilar subset of people, the marketing 2

Create good, clear content. Your subject line should introduce what your email is about, and the copy in the body of the email should follow that. Be clear with your writing. You want to get a message across, not confuse your readers!

Don’t oversend! Again, one of the worst outcomes is having people ask to be removed from your list. Avoid over-sending emails.

Be concise.  Your email should be quick and to the point. You could link up to a landing page (such as your event website or registration forms) for people to read more information. Most people graze over emails quickly, so if you have a short one, pack it with the right information to pique someone’s interest, and then show them where to learn more!

Design when you can. Add images such as your logo or a picture from your race. Many people are visual, so stimulate them!

Always allow people to leave. While having people unsubscribe from your email marketing is not a positive, you absolutely must give them the option.

We hope this helps – if you are using RaceWire for online registration, ask your account manager how to send out email marketing, and get out there!