Use RaceWire for Free Race Photos for Happy Runners!

If you are in the race business, you know the importance of a happy runner. Happy runners mean return business, and word of mouth referrals to their happy running friends. Bottom line: keep your runners happy. And guess what? RaceWire can help you do that by offering free race photos for our clients!photos.fw

Let’s say you’ve just run a major marathon, and a few days after you receive an email with your race photos. You find one you like (out of 16 there was one you were smiling, not blinking and looking at the camera – yes!), and decide you want to buy it. When you look at the subtotal, you realize you are about to pay $50 for a picture you don’t even look that good in! Okay, you look great. You are a warrior for running a marathon, after all. But the point is, you are paying more than a pretty penny for a race you likely already paid a lot for. The money adds up fast.

In a July article in Runner’s World, Sally Edwards, one of the cofounders of Fleet Fleet, indicates that paying for race photos is one of runner’s biggest gripes in the industry. She goes on to say, ”almost any time you find a way to reduce pain for the runner, it’s going to take off.”

Fortunately for you, we’ve been way ahead of the game on this one. In a July article in Runner’s World, writer Jon Marcus features RaceWire’s model in an interview with our owner, Ryan Henry.


You finish a half marathon or a marathon that you paid $200 to run, you probably should get in your package a free picture of yourself crossing the line,” [Henry] says. “It’s consistently one of the reasons people are switching to us for registration or timing: They’ve been at some race and they’ve heard we do these free pictures.”

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If you use RaceWire’s online registration platform for your race, free photos are just one of the many perks you will receive. Any race with more than 100 online registrants can enjoy free start and finish line photos.

With RaceWire Images, your runners will get an email and text alert on the day of their race with the photos tagged to their bib number. From there they may download, print and share their photos… all for free! Adding your race logo into the bottom of the picture adds another chance for race branding. Perfect marketing for future years.

So take the first step and ask us about how you can utilize our platform, and get free race photos. You’ll be glad you did!