Grow your race by marketing in multiple mediums

You’ve designed a beautiful course, booked a great band for the post-race party, and it seems like you’ve got all your ducks in a row… or do you? Now that your race is in tip-top shape, you need to get runners to actually register. In this post, we will go over some tips and tricks to grow your race by marketing through multiple outlets.

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Social Media:

While it isn’t a perfect system, social media truly is a great way to grow your race by marketing to athletes that are potentially interested in participating. You can reach a high volume of these people through multiple mediums. At the very least, every race should have a Facebook page. It’s an easy way to give updates and have interaction with past/potential registrants. It’s an easy way for runners to reach you, provide feedback, and more. Plus, it’s a great venue to pump out pictures or information about how great your race is/will be. If you want to take it one step further, you can also use Facebook ads to reach an even bigger clientele.

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Twitter is another way to get in touch with runners. If you are going to use Twitter, you should come up with an actual schedule of posts. It’s important to remain engaged on Twitter… this means posting information about your race, but also liking, retweeting and engaging with others on the Twittersphere.


Lastly, if you’ve got a lot of images, Instagram is a great, easy way to reach runners. For both Twitter and Instagram, find a hashtag that you can use for your race. Make sure it is clear on your event website and your registration page so runners know. It can’t hurt to make it clear on race day too. The more runners use your hashtag, the better. Trust.


One tool we have found particularly useful in managing social media is Hootsuite.  There is both a free and paid version, but if you’re just getting started, the free one should be just fine. It allows you to schedule your posts and it gives you an overview of all your platforms on one simple webpage. It’s saved us from a lot of work in the past. Check it out!

RaceWire Ads:

We can’t lie, we’ve got a really great runner database in New England and Southern California, and we’re quickly growing in other regions too. In 2015, we had 4.2 million views of our results and photos pages with more than 600,000 active users. By using RaceWire ads, we can ensure your event is very visible on our website.  RaceWire Ads is a great way to grow your race by marketing to runners that already come to our site to find results, photos and future races to register for. Visit for more details or to book a slot.

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Custom Domain Name:

This is an easy one for us. Every race that works with RaceWire can utilize our domain. For example, if your race is called the Summer Fun 5K, you could use the URL so it is easier for runners to find your event on our website. If you don’t work with RaceWire, check out Go Daddy to see what URLs are available for you!

Google Ads, Adwords and SEO

If you want to reach more customers online, one of the best ways to do that is through Google Ads. You have options depending on what exactly you are looking for and your budget, but by utilizing Google Ads, you can be at the forefront of any web search done on Google. There is a ton of information out there on Google Ads, and we suggest you check it out.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which, in layman’s terms, is getting your website to the very top of a site like Google when someone searches certain keywords. We’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that you need to be pretty specific with your keywords on your race website if you want to get in front of the right audience. For example, the keyword “5K in Norwell” would be much more effective than “5K Road Race” when you are advertising.

Email Marketing:

We are going to go further into this in a couple of weeks, because this really deserves it’s own post. BUT, that said, you should absolutely put an email marketing schedule together for your race. If you work with RaceWire, you can certainly utilize our email broadcast tools for free. Upload any email list you have (could be a community list, school, past runners, or even a run club) and send personalized, custom emails to remind them of your event.  If you aren’t working with RaceWire, there are other services you can use, many of which you pay for, but you will see a good return on your investment.

Event Calendars:

We wish we were, but we know that we aren’t the only place runners check for upcoming events. This can vary greatly by region, and we think it’s really important that you have your event listed as many places as possible. You can easily grow your race by marketing to runners in your particular region by targeting local calendars, or go big and list on a more national platform. Whatever the case, get that race online!

All the above tips are things we have used in our own practice and found a lot of success with, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many interesting ways to grow your race with clever marketing, so don’t limit yourself to the above. If you do have questions on any of the RaceWire tools mentioned above, schedule a call with our team!