Increase Registration with the Proper Incentives

You are a runner, or at least, you probably have been before. Now, you are calling the shots of your own events, and that’s pretty cool. Runners are a strange breed. I can say that because I am one. They are always thinking about the following things: what they are going to eat next, what color will their next pair of shoes be, do they really need anti-chafe tubes, and finally, what is the next race they are going to sign up for. We all know runners are chasing (figuratively and literally) their next high, but here at RaceWire, we wanted to know when they were most apt to actually sign up. Window shopping isn’t going to help. You need to actually increase registration for your event to make that money!

We did some research, and found some pretty interesting stuff. People were most likely to sign up for a race Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, in that order. By Thursday and dragging through the weekend, the numbers drop. Let’s call a spade a spade. On Monday everyone is motivated to be their best self, and midway through their work day, when they are supposed to be diligently doing their expense report, their minds wander, and the next thing you know, they’ve registered for their next half marathon. And that’s not all we found. People are also most inclined to sign up for a race at 10 AM, 11AM and 8PM. That makes sense… it’s either after their morning coffee or after their evening glass of wine (kidding). Think about when you open your race how to work around that schedule. It’s an easy thing to consider to increase registration to your race.


If you are looking for a little boost outside of posting on certain days and times, think about incentivizing your market. People love race swag, and runners talk. If you have a pint glass, a great t-shirt and a beer ticket waiting for registrants, you better believe you’ll be the talk of the town in the race community. Another way to bump up registration is adding a cap to the amount of people that get a little something special. Use your imagination, like, first 100 registrants get a tech running hat, and suddenly people have a reason to sign up fast. On the other end of the spectrum, people hate spending money, so set a firm date in your registration for prices to go up, and let people know about it.


So, when you are planning your email marketing, or social media posts, keep these tips, days and times in mind. If I have a personal moment of honesty here, I just verified that our statistics are true. It is Monday. I had a little extra time after I checked my emails and made some calls. I had my coffee, and next thing I knew, I signed up for a marathon. See, it’s science? Now go out there and get some registrants!