Why Race Advertising Matters

Did you see that we timed 28 races last weekend? Twenty-eight! Some in New England, some in California and some in the Tri-State area, but still. That’s a lot of races, and we’re just one timing company. Everyone wants to throw a 5K these days. Charity event? Check. Memorial race? You got it. Glow Run? Been there done that. So, how the heck do you get your event to stand out? Race advertising of course!

We’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. One crucial way to increase your event exposure and boost registration numbers is to get it in front of more people.


Among plenty of other places you can turn to, RaceWire is now selling ad space to our events. We’ve got the busiest race calendar in New England, and pretty close to it in SoCal, which means thousands of runners are checking out our site to get their results, photos and look for more races to sign up for. So get in front of them!


We offer both rectangle and squre ads, each that get plenty of page views. For more information about  race advertising through RaceWire, go here!