RaceWire is Going Green!


If you’ve ever been to a race before (and, we’re assuming you have), then you’ve seen the crazed runners lining up by trees, tables and walls frantically looking for their race results. Oh runners, if only you were at a RaceWire race… you’d have those results texted and emailed to you within minutes of your finish! Anyway, we digress. As you may or may not have seen last week, RaceWire is going GREEN!

What does that mean, you ask?

Starting March 1st, 2016, we’re eliminating printers and printed results from our services and moving to 100% digital results. We know – CRAZY. But hear us out. In 2015, we timed roughly 300,000 participants in the northeast, using an estimated 25,000 sheets of paper for results. This is incredibly wasteful given everything that we can do digitally, so we’ve decided to make the switch. We think race directors and runners alike will rejoice about this huge step forward!

GREEN and RRC.fw

Here are some common FAQs:

How are my runners going to see their results on race day? Most events will have 2 to 3 laptop kiosks available for quick results at our timing tent. We’ll also have several 6-tablet results kiosks available for larger events. Of course, all runners will still have their personalized results emailed and texted straight to their phone minutes after they cross the finish line. It might take some adjusting, but would you expect printed results at the Boston Marathon?

How can I give our awards without a printed sheet? Our crew will have any age group awards, team awards, or any other special reports you might need available to you on a tablet on race morning. Or, they can be sent straight to your or your announcer’s phone/tablet/laptop if you prefer. This actually should speed up the process.

Is there any extra cost associated with new digital results? No – this is our new standard practice for all of our events, so on-site digital results are included. The only potential add-on would be for additional kiosks or tablet kiosk stands. We haven’t fixed a price for this yet, but it’ll depend on availability and the size of your event. We’ll always make sure your race has enough to cover your participants without any add-ons, but if you want extra, we’ll make it work.

Do we need to have internet coverage in order to get results? Our results platform is based online, but our crew will always be prepared with data coverage. On-site internet access is great, but not necessary. If your event is on top of a mountain, deep in the woods, or anywhere else with generally terrible cell service, we have offline options still available as an alternative.

The second small step for RaceWire/giant leap for mankind is RaceWire Run Club… another ‘green’ initiative, if you will. Run Club is our first ever subscription service for runners, making it easier for them to register, and more likely to sign up for your race. Runners will receive a custom reusable race bib to don at all RaceWire events. A list of applicable events will be sent out to runners weekly, and is available online. We think Run Club will drive runner loyalty through the roof, so hopefully this will bump your numbers! If you’d like to sign up as a runner, go here, and below are some common FAQs.

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Is Run Club good for me? RaceWire Run Club will increase your event participation. It’s easier and much more convenient for runners to sign up for a RaceWire race (ahem, yours), so that is where they are going to look to plan out their weekends. It’s  low risk for you, with a high potential reward. We’ve said it once, and we will say it again, cool new features like this one are what makes runners keep coming back. We will be tracking the use of RRC throughout the year, and we encourage you to keep your eye out for these runners.

Do I lose money? Not a penny. In fact, you will make some. RaceWire Run Club runners will pay your most current race fee.

How do I get paid? Just the same as a normal online registrant. Once the Run Club runners cross the finish line, their credit cards are automatically charged, putting money right into your account. Cha-ching!

Is there a waiver? We have a standard waiver protecting all RaceWire Run Club affiliated events, so you will be safe.

Do I need to give any race swag? You don’t need to, but if you have some leftover tees, pint glasses, or food tickets, why not? Trust us, we told them it isn’t guaranteed, but we love happy runners, so if you have a bone, feel free to throw it at them. Not actually. Please don’t throw things at our runners.

Are runners timed? Oh yes! All RaceWire Run Club athletes receive a finish time just as quickly as other runners. Their bibs are reusable, and have the same timing chips attached to the back of them as the normal bibs.