RaceWire Lite for Inexpensive Race Timing Services

We’ve been timing races for years – along the way – we’ve learned a thing or two.

Want to be in on our little secret? Timing a 100 person race isn’t that hard (and now is no longer expensive!). After lots of long nights, we developed a software that will get you all the frills of a professional race timing experience without the price tag. For a race with 100 runners, you can save about $900! We know you’re just a little curious.


RaceWire Lite was designed for the smaller races that we work with. It is a software that we created for you to be able to use on your own. After just 30 minutes of training with our team, you will feel fully equipped to take on your own timing on race day… all with a few clicks of a button. You absolutely will not miss the frantic scribbling of bib numbers on a note pad – we promise you that.


If you start to feel the heat of timing a race, our helpful team is just a phone call away. We can help you troubleshoot if you need it, but we think you’ll be just fine.


You will still be able to design free customized bib numbers for your race and we can still send your runners text and email alerts with their finish time. If you bring a printer you can print your results right onsite too. You may also use our free online registration services to save $1 per person that signs up on RaceWire.com.

This software is not only perfect for small races, but running clubs too. We know many of you have several events throughout the year, and with our annual membership, you unlock access to the software all four seasons.


While we are mostly timing races on the east and west coast, RaceWire Lite can be used anywhere with internet connection. So if you and your race move to Kalamazoo, count us in.

Between the live results, the text and email alerts, and the bib numbers, the only thing missing from your race is a big timing price tag. Get in touch with us if you’re interested!