RaceWire Thanksgiving…. 40K Runners and Counting!


“It’s the most wonderful timmmeeeee of the year…..”  I’m sure that is what all timers are thinking about tonight, for tomorrow is easily the BIGGEST day in racing of the entire year! You guessed it, Turkey Trots galore, and we’ve got a few. Between all of the events we’re involved with tomorrow, we’re expecting FORTY THOUSAND runners. That’s more than the Boston Marathon! Hard to believe that that is just us… imagine how many people in the States are lacing up and heading out tomorrow.


Turkey Trots are a really interesting phenom, because everyone will participate in them. First-time runners, runner-haters, little children, you name it. Something about gorging yourself for hours afterward just feels right, amirite?

Anyway, not much more to say, but just wanted to do a little humble-bragging about how kick-ass our team is! We’re timing races in California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey just to name a few. RaceWire world takeover, coming to a town near you 😉

Now, it’s time to make our lists, check them twice, make sure our ultras and mats are working nice, because RaceWire is coming to town (to time your race). Want in on the fun for 2017? Click below!