What is RaceWire Lite?

We’ve definitely mentioned our timing software, RaceWire Lite before, but it is worth revisiting, to give you a little bit better of a picture of how it works and what it is for. It’s something we came up with for races with up to about 200 participants, or races that don’t quite have the budget for chip timing, but want a lot of similar perks. Since it’s inception in spring of 2015, hundreds of races have used it to seamlessly capture results, all while saving hundreds on the timing bill.


First things first, RaceWire Lite is NOT chip timing. Let me say that again: RaceWire Lite is NOT chip timing! Okay. There, we’ve gotten that out of the way. Moving on to what it is…

RaceWire Lite is an alternative to chip timing. Basically, it is a more efficient and more effective way to manually time a race. That means (and yes, I do have to repeat myself, trust me), there are NO timing chips and NO mats that runners go over. “But then how do we time it?!” Okay, just watch this video first.

Make a little more sense?

We provide you with the software, the custom bib numbers, training and support, and on race day, you or a couple of volunteers will do your own timing. We promise, it’s easy, and affordable. All you need: a few volunteers, a laptop/tablet, and access to the internet, either with a wireless connection or a mobile hotspot.

RaceWire Lite comes with the ability to send out text/email alerts to runners with their finish times, print results out directly on your race site and post results online. You can edit participants information, add someone in after the fact and accommodate same day registrants. The best part? It only takes about a half hour to learn how to use it.

Interested? Visit us here racewirelite.com to put in a request for more information!