What is a processing fee anyway?

If you’ve ever paid for something online (admit it, you bought T-Swift tickets before), you know that there is almost always a service fee tacked on to the end of your transaction. It is, unfortunately, a necessary evil. Well, RaceWire is no different. We try and provide the best customer service out there, and with it does come a (small) price. To be exact, it is 5% of your registration fee + $1.75, meaning a $20 race will cost $22.75 and a $30 race will cost $33.25.

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The good news is, runners are totally okay with paying the service fee. Since we’ve started, hundreds of thousands of runners have registered on RaceWire… and we haven’t heard a peep about it. We briefly covered this in another write-up, but once a runner has decided that she is going to sign up for your race, the price and now the service fee are not going to deter her.

You do have options, though. Three of them, to be exact. You can pay the entire service fee yourself, for each runner. You can also split the fee 50/50, because sharing is caring. Lastly though, and what about 95% of our races do, you can pass the entire fee along to the registrant. That is our suggestion to all of our race directors to save money for the important things… like post-race beers or t-shirts. Pass it along.

You should know that we aren’t pocketing the entire service fee. In order to process online transactions, credit card companies charge us, and so we need to charge you. We love you and everything, but we need to stay in business. It’s how we eat. And we run, so we’re always eating.

And you know, we do this because we care! The small percentage that we get from each transaction allows us to employ a team of knowledgeable humans to be available to help you with the process. It enables us to get photographers to about 85% of our races. It covers the free bib numbers that we let you design. And, it helps us create and supply the latest and greatest features. So for a few extra bucks per person, we think it’s worth it. Don’t you?

We’ve heard “can you beat this price” from certain race directors before, but it’s not always a level playing field. For all the services you get, we think our value added is beating any price out there. So, go with gusto when hosting your registration page on RaceWire.com. Your runners are signing up because they love your event, and a few bucks won’t deter them – we promise!