What’s your No-Show Rate?

Someone once said, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” or was it absence? Maybe a little bit of both. But could that be true for race distances? You probably know that it’s highly unlikely that 100% of your registrants will show up on race day, but how can you plan to accommodate for these numbers. Many of you order swag, food and drinks that go to waste after your event. We decided we needed to determine just how much no-shows we really have.

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As you can imagine, longer race distances take more commitment (and sometimes cost more), and thus, people are more likely to trek over on race day to get what they paid and trained for.

When looking at our race data for 2014, we found that for races 10K and shorter, we saw an average no-show rate of 18.4%. For races longer than a 10K, that number decreased to 15.7%. It’s about what we would expect … the longer the distance, the more likely you are to show up on race morning. If you plan for 15-20% no-shows, you will probably be right on target.

Of course there are many things that affect the no-show rate (weather being a huge factor) so it’s not a perfect system, but if you plan on ordering medals, goodie bags, or anything else for your race day, take these numbers into account (and save your family members from another Christmas of race t-shirts).